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Try our newest Over The Phone Tax Preparation Service! You won't regret it.

Tax Stress can be overwhelming. How to fit into your schedule? Which company to choose? Where is the nearest office location? Hours of lining up in the tax office. Kids are whining and bored. Forgetting slips or proof of expenses at home. Not able to make the appointment. And numerous other issues can rise up at the time of tax preparation.

Living in the age of electronics all this TAX STRESS can be reduced to a minimum by sitting down on your couch and calling our number. You tell our staff your family situation, and your personal information and verbally authorize us to do your return. We confirm with you every step of the preparation and make sure nothing is missing.

Once it's done, 3 forms will be sent to your email mailbox that you have to print and sing and send it back to the office. (If you have no scanner you may take a photo of the signed documents and send them back, but make sure the quality of the photo is good and readable)

Send the signed documents back along with your payment (E-transfer) and you are done!

You will receive your complete return in an email with confirmation of the EFILE transmission. All documents sent will have encryption and are password protected for security of private information.

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Try our new PHONE TAX service! You won't regret it.

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